Little Witches: Bewitched

Babel Library, October 2013
ISBN-10: 1493661140
ISBN-13: 978-1493661145

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The Little Witches stories are magical adventures intended for the 8-12 age-group but with appeal for readers of any age.

In the first story, Little Witches and the Trick-or-Treat-Trick, the heroines meet each other for the first time on Halloween. Dulcie's au pair is a fashion student who has dressed her up as a modern witch - "occult casual" she calls it. Verity has lost the battle with her sisters for first choice from the dressing up box and ended up with pirate boots and a witches hat and broom. While out trick-or-treating they accidentally annoy a mysterious old woman who casts a spell on them Dulcie and Verity gain magic powers for real. In Little Witches and the Wandering Shop they work together to find a way to reverse the spell.

There are three more Little Witches stories in this collection. Little Witches and the Family Ghost is a ghost story which takes place in Dulcie's grandfather's stately home. Little Witches and the Cat Burglar is a crime story in which they meet a strange black cat. Little Witches Back in Time is a time-travel adventure in which they meet Shakespeare.

Reviews of Little Witches Bewitched

Striking a nice balance between creepy happenings and gentle humour, the adventures of the Little Witches - involving a boy-ghost, a cat-boy, and a famous playwright - will appeal to fans of Diana Wynne Jones, Susan Cooper and Jill Murphy."
- Imogen Russell Williams

"I wish I'd read this back when I was a little witch-wannabee, trying to befriend every black cat I saw.
The very practical and good-natured little witches definitely deserve more adventures."
- Frances Hardinge

"Small, but brave." - Ann Giles, The Book Witch

"These stories are ideal for children who love dressing up, imagining curious castles and dreaming up magical shops."
- KM Lockwood, Serendipity Reviews

Audio Book

The first Little Witches story is available as an audio book from Spoken Ink, read by Charlie Norfolk. Spoken Ink is the only audio book site on the internet dedicated to short stories.


Download "Little Witches and the Trick-or-Treat-Trick" chapter one of Little Witches as a PDF.

Little Witches Bewitched
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Little Witches Bewitched
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