Rights of Passage

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When a group of teenagers discover a Door into another world they set off a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

“[Rights of Passage] could have been a conventional portal fantasy in which children go through into another world and rescue it. Instead, it's a critique of the portal fantasy…I want the next book.”
– Farah Mendlesohn, The Inter-Galactic Playground

This fantasy series for teenagers follows in the footsteps of C.S. Lewis' Narnia and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, as the world-travelling teenagers see societies shattering, explore changing relationships and discover the wheels within wheels of sinister conspiracies.

Borderland cover

Oxford University Press
First published in 2002.
ISBN: 0192752375
(UK paperback)
New edition: 7 May 2009
ISBN 10: 0192755927
ISBN 13: 978-0192755926
(UK paperback)


This isn't a game… it's a whole new world…

Moving schools all the time isn't easy and all Zoe wants is to fit in. But accidentally overhearing a conversation between the popular Laura and social-outcast Morgan starts a chain of events that leads her to a completely different world.

Outland cover

Oxford University Press
First published in 2003.
ISBN: 0192754033
(UK paperback)
New edition: 4 Feb 2010
ISBN 10: 0192755935
ISBN 13: 978-0192755933
(UK paperback)


In a new world. In danger. In the dark…

Laura likes to be in control. But she's a long way from Earth now, facing dangers she can only begin to imagine.

What is the Great Library – and what are the rules that control it? Who made the Doors that lead from world to world? And which way leads home?

Shadowland cover

Oxford University Press
First published in 2005.
ISBN: 0192752391
(UK paperback)
New edition: 1 July 2010
ISBN 10: 0192755943
ISBN 13: 978-0192755940
(UK paperback)


Hundreds of doors. Thousands of worlds. A million miles away from home.

After the excitement of Borderland and Outland, the adventures continue for the world-travelling teenagers. Alex and Morgan have been sent back to Earth in disgrace. Can they be reunited with their friends, and disaster averted?


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