The Super Zeroes series

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This series is intended for junior readers (aged 8+). The stories are about the efforts of five children to overcome the embarrassment of having super heroes and arch villains for parents. Both titles are illustrated by Tony Ross.

“The book is notable mostly for its presentation of feisty, smart kids who think through problems…”
– Farah Mendlesohn

Meet the Zeroes!

Ben is the son of Captain Excelsior. His dad's so busy saving the city he never seems to have any time for him.

Jewel is the daughter of the villainous Doctor D. Void. Her father is always trying to take over the city but his plans always seem to go wrong somehow.

Toby is supposed to grow up to become a henchman in Doctor D. Void's secret base but he's not going to settle for being a follower.

Marcus is asthmatic and into computers - unfortunately his dad is a superhero with telepathic powers over animals, who has his own private zoo.

Pippa is a tomboy. She's nothing at all like her mother, the beautiful Princess Power, who zooms around the city in a cloud of pink smoke.

Super Zeroes cover

Oxford University Press
First published: 7 July 2005.
ISBN 10: 0192754114
ISBN 13: 978-0192754110
(UK paperback)

Super Zeroes

Imagine if your dad was a superhero! Or your mum had a mission to Save the World!

Ben, Pippa, Marcus and Jewel don't have to imagine it, because their parents really are like that… and their children hate it! Their parents are so busy running round fighting evil wherever they can find it that they've completely forgotten they've got kids.

But their kids aren't going to take it lying down…

Super Zeroes on Planet X cover

Oxford University Press
First published: 3 August 2006.
ISBN 10: 0192754874
ISBN 13: 978-0192754875
(UK paperback)

Super Zeroes on Planet X

The kids are so fed up with their Super Hero mums and dads spending more time saving the planet than looking after them that they've formed their own group of heroes – the Super Zeroes.

Which is very lucky for the citizens of Multiplicity – because the Heroes are currently falling over themselves to welcome a group of inter-planetary visitors. The visitors say they've come in peace, but anyone – apart from the Heroes, that is – can see that that's the last thing they've come in. Luckily Ben, Pippa, Marcus, Toby and Jewel are on hand to save the day.


  • Shortlisted for the Stockport Schools' Books Award 2005

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