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Rhiannon Lassiter is the author of science-fiction, fantasy, magical realism and thriller stories for juniors, teenagers and adults. Find out more about Rhiannon including which best-selling author she's related to on the author page.

On the blog you can read about what's been happening in Rhiannon's life, her new publications, works in progress, her advice for aspiring authors, books recommendations and all sorts of other random bloggery including categories like 'living in the future', 'stuff Rhiannon likes' and 'stuff Rhiannon does not like'.

The books section has information about Rhiannon's books including sample chapters, reviews, and extra information about each book. The international editions page has a handy table to find out who publishes Rhiannon's books in your country.

The extras section lists all the extra content available on the site.

The schools section has information for teachers, librarians and other educators about workshops Rhiannon runs and talks she has given. There's other useful links like a downloadable bibliography of all Rhiannon's books and other downloadable information about planning an author event.

If you'd like to contact Rhiannon or her webmaster please use the contact form.

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